QAFCO Interns Win 1st Prize at 17th Annual Plant Design Competition


Qatar University recently conducted the 17th Annual Plant Design Competition for the Department of Chemical Engineering. As part of QAFCO’s ongoing support to the Education sector, a group of students from Qatar University were hosted to prepare their Chemical Engineering Design Project throughout the academic years 2019 and 2020.


The students who attended Summer Internship Program at QAFCO during 2019, chose QAFCO “Formaldehyde Plant” as their "Design Project", and were awarded the 1st position in the Design Competition 2020. A total of 15 groups participated in the competition.


QAFCO contributed the following to assist in the completion of the Project Design :

1. Process presentation given at Qatar University.

2. Provided site visit to view the actual shape and size of the equipment.

3. Technical support and contribution towards designing of the process and equipment.

4. Mass and energy balance and the heat integrity of the entire process.


Qatar University appreciated QAFCO for the continued guidance and support to the senior students during the whole course of the Design Project.