The diversification of QAFCO into melamine production through Qatar Melamine Company marks the debut of a new potentially beneficial industry in Qatar. The company avails the comparative advantage it enjoys in terms of abundance of feedstock, and cheap energy supplies.
With a design capacity of 60,000 Mt, the plant is the largest melamine plant in the Middle-east. The Qatar Melamine Company produces five percent of the total Melamine produced worldwide. The technology used at Qatar Melamine Company plant is Eurotecnica’s High Pressure (“HP”) Melamine Technology. This technology represents the state-of-the-art in the global melamine production industry, and is the only of such technologies available to third parties (i.e., all other technologies of same standard are owned by melamine production companies and are generally not available to third parties).
QMS Melamine product specification
Melamine content: 99.8% Max
Moisture: 0.1% Max
Color: 20 APHA Max
Ash: 0.01% Max
pH (10% aqueous solution): 7.5-8.5
Fe: 1 PPM Max
Safety Data Sheet
Technical Sheet