About Us

About Us

Founded in 1969 as a joint venture between the Government of Qatar and a number of foreign shareholders, QAFCO has evolved steadily over the past five decades as a world-class fertilizer producer. The country's first large-scale venture in the petrochemical sector, QAFCO was established to diversify the economy and utilize the nation's enormous gas reserve. QAFCO is owned 100% by Industries Qatar (IQ).

With 6 world-class plants producing a sizable annual capacity of 3.8 million MT of ammonia and 5.6 million MT of urea, QAFCO stands proudly as the world’s largest single-site exporter of urea with up to 14% share of the world supply. QAFCO is strongly committed to operating its assets safely, efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner to produce high quality Ammonia and Urea.

Continuing with its commitment to excellence, QAFCO aims to be the world's leading urea producer by 2030, driving towards a greener earth.

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Our Plants

QAFCO started production from its first plant (QAFCO 1) in 1973.

Our Strategy

We shall operate the plants Efficiently, Safely, and in an Environmentally Responsible manner.

Our Location

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