Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy

Health, Safety, Security and Environment


QAFCO’s Commitment:

  • Pursue the goal of no harm to people and assets
  • Protect, conserve and preserve the environment
  • Use resources efficiently


To fulfill these commitments, QAFCO:

  • Has implemented management systems for health, safety, security, energy, environment, and product stewardship, designed to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to achieve performance improvement
  • Operates and maintains its facilities in a safe, secure, energy efficient and environmentally responsible manner
  • Requires contractors to manage and support QAFCO’s commitments in line with this policy
  • Maintains and manages its assets and processes effectively  through a life-cycle approach
  • Enables consultation, participation, and communication with stakeholders
  • Adopt a systematic management approach that considers management systems integral part of company planning, supply chain, production, performance monitoring, and periodic review
  • Assesses the effectiveness and conformance to its adopted management systems and ensures availability of information and resources for continual improvement
  • Fosters a culture of Health, Safety, Security, Energy and Environmental consciousness
  • Supports sustainable waste management processes