Ammonia is a chemical compound made of Nitrogen 82% and Hydrogen 18%. It is produced using Natural gas as the primary feedstock. The other feeds required are Steam and Air. These feed materials undergo a series of reactions in the ammonia plant before ammonia is produced in gaseous form. The gaseous ammonia is converted into liquid under pressure and cooling down. Ammonia is stored at a temperature of minus 33 deg centigrade in an especially refrigerated ammonia storage tank. A significant part of the ammonia produced in QAFCO Ammonia plants is consumed internally, as feedstock for the Urea plants. The surplus ammonia is exported through ships.

QAFCO Ammonia product specifications:
Ammonia: 99.5% Min
Nitrogen: 81.9% Min
Moisture: 0.5% Max
Oil Content: 10 PPM Max
Impurities: 0.01% Max

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