Coronavirus (COVID-19) Challenges

QAFCO organised a variety of competitions on the Coronavirus (COVID-19), consisting of an art competition, video contest and an essay writing competition. Children of staff members of QAFCO entered the competition expressing the challenges faced during the pandemic and ways to spend time at home. The competition highlights QAFCO’s contribution to public awareness in light of the COVID-19 crisis that served to create awareness amongst the wider community, especially children.


The competition was divided into three categories, varied by age group and recorded a total of 37 entries that were submitted online. Winners were announced on April 2. In the first category, aged 4 – 8, winners included Anshul Sunil Acharya and Muhammad Abdullah Sohaib. In the next category, aged 9 – 14 years, winners were Niveditha Senthil and Aisha Zenha. In the final category, aged 15 – 18 years, the winners were Anoushka Kamle and Roma Engelica N. Manaois. All winners were given gift vouchers as cash prizes to encourage participation.


Committed towards the well-being of the community, the management regularly hosts activities to benefit the QAFCO community. The coronavirus competition showcases the fun and engaging face of QAFCO’s brand that is geared towards building the capacity of children who are seen as the future of the nation.