Al-Besherriya Island

Al Besheriya Island is a small and uninhabited Island, located 240; 58m; 1”- North and 510; 37m; 2” - East. The island is about 660m x 100m area.

QAFCO expressed its environmental interest in the Island as early as 1999. In that year, QAFCO (in co-operation with the Supreme Council for the Environmental and Natural Reserves {SCENR}, now known as Ministry of Municipality and Environment) organized a “Clean Up Campaign” for the Island. Around 200 QAFCO employees and their families, and 30 SCENR representatives participated in the campaign.

On 3rd November 2006, the SCENR (now known as the Ministry of Environment) affirmed their trust in QAFCO’s environmentally responsible practices and care, and granted QAFCO the “Environmental Custody” of the Besheriya Island. QAFCO has since been monitoring the environmental status of the island and carried out the Baseline Ecological Survey of the Island.

In 2006, QAFCO organized another clean-up campaign in partnership with the SCENR (Marine Environmental Surveillance Department), where around 150 QAFCO employees and their families and 25 SCENR representatives participated.

A book describing the findings of the Baseline Ecological Survey conducted for the Al-Besheriya Island was launched in 2010, during the QP Environment Fair.