School Awareness

QAFCO strongly believes that environment education starts at a very young age. Keeping this in mind, QAFCO has been conducting environment awareness campaigns for various schools in Qatar. The campaigns are targeted towards children of the age 4-8 years, as QAFCO believes that they can make a difference to our present and future. All the campaigns place a lot of emphasis on interaction and discussions with children on various good environmental habits and their views on how to protect and sustain our environment. Along with group discussions, presentations and quiz competitions are conducted that target specific age groups. Environmental Activity booklets are compiled and distributed to every child. These booklets comprise of color pages, crosswords, quizzes, questionnaires for children of various ages. Every child gets to plant his/her flower during the campaign. The aim of such planting activity is to help a child understand the importance of protecting our trees. The children are then entrusted with the responsibility of caring for their plants within their school.The graph below shows the number of children that QAFCO has attempted at educating across various schools of different nationalities in Qatar.

QAFCO aims to make these campaigns more extensive with more outdoor activities in the near future with various nationality schools included under QAFCO’s School Environmental Awareness Program. QAFCO appreciates all the assistance and support that has been extended by the schools, during these campaigns.World Environment Day 2010Marking the World Environment Day, QAFCO distributed approximately 1400 children’s book called “Learn and Color the Environment with QAFCO” to the following schools in Qatar, Schools in Doha 1. Jawaan Bin Jassim Boys School – Daffna 2. Dherima Foundation - Mamoura 3. Al-Arqam Academy – Abu Hamour 4. Doha Modern Indian School Abu Hamour 5. Al-Shorook Boys School - Wakrah, and 6. Noble Indian Kindergarten School – Hilal. Schools in Mesaieed 7. QAFCO Primary School,8. Mesaieed Norwegian School, 9. Mesaieed Government Boys School10. Mesaieed Government Girls School, 11. Mesaieed International Nursery and Primary School, The book has been conceptualized and designed with simple characters that reflect Qatari culture. The characters in the book are children showing simple ways of saving water, energy and caring for our environment. Using simple learning tools like the color books, QAFCO aims to increase the environmental awareness amongst children of a wide age group. A copy of the Baseline Survey of the Al-Besheriya Island was also gifted to the school for their student reference.